A differentiated approach for APIs & CRAMS

  • Comprises manufacture and development of commercial APIs, including anthelmintic, anti-malarials, anti-infective, anti-psychotic, anti-infective and hyperkalemic categories
  • Capabilities in complex product areas such as APIs required for injectables
Contract Research and Manufacturing Services(CRAMS)
  • Contract development and manufacturing, analytical services, impurity synthesis and profiling to our customers
  • Capabilities for contract development on a full-time equivalent basis for lead analogues, building blocks, reference studies and custom synthesis for pilot campaigns and clinical supply.

Robust manufacturing capabilities

Core focus

  • Mirrored facilities for developing products
  • Deploy systems that are highly automated and stringent, specifically in the labor intensive areas
  • Focus on technology and production processes that represent a clear advantage against the industry standard


1,660 KL capacity with capabilities in high vacuum distillation, hydrogenation, halogenation, Grignard reaction, polymer chemistry amongst others

Key approvals

Globally compliant API facilities with all regulatory approvals and adherence to the highest quality standards

Manufacturing strategy

Capacity creation after assurance of demand and location based diversification for minimizing concentration risk

Customer Centric business structure

Business Development

Core focus around portfolio strategy, selection, new opportunities and business analytics

Go to market

Post the handover from BD team, GTM team focusses on business execution, driving growth strategies and retaining customer business

Emptor (Customer centricity)

Aligned to execute business seamlessly while focusing on customer service, complaints, supply assurances and receivables

How do we differentiate over traditional API approach

  • Focus on end to end process
  • Customer centricity at the core
  • Closed cohesive working with analytics and R&D

Promising approach for CRAMS


Customer confidentiality guaranteed


Highly responsive, customer focused teams from inquiry to delivery


Delivery performance a KPI, even at the proposal stage


Dedicated Project Management, driving project execution and responding to customer need


High level of communication, visibility and customer involvement


Post-project customer survey to continuously monitor our performance and drive improvement