• 200L Hydrogenator SS 316 with the operating pressure of 15 kg/cm2
  • No. of SS/ GLR/ Glass/ Hastelloy Reactors = 17
  • Total Capacity = 1820L
  • Minimum to Maximum capacity = 20L to 250L
  • Material of construction = – SS 316 / Hastelloy / All glass / glass lined
  • Cryo Capability of up to -80°C and +240°C high temperature capability

Kilo Lab

Scale up Lab – Capability

  • Support production from 500 g to 10-kilogram level or higher quantities of multiple batches.
  • Ideal equipment mix to support the production of smaller quantities of clinical grade material
  • Separate area for Intermediate and API handling systems to prevent cross - contamination
  • Ability to handle all pyrophoric reactions including fluorine chemistry

Downstream equipment

  • Centrifuges & Nutch filters for filtration purpose with MOC of SS316, Halar lined & Hastelloy
  • Rotary cone dryer, Vacuum tray dryer and Fluid bed dryer for drying purpose
  • Multi mill, Jet mill, and Sifters for particle size reduction


  • Pilot scale Lyophilizer (Freeze drying) with 28 L(Fill depth – 10 mm) loading capacity and 35 Kg of condenser capacity available
  • The shelf temperature can reach up to -60°C and Condenser Temperature up to -85°C at ultimate vacuum up to 10 m Torr. Area of Lyophilizer is 2.8 m2 and constructed with SS 316 L
  • It can produces the material in range of 100 g to 2-3 Kg based on the input solution concentration. It can be used for isolation of temperature sensitive products based on freezing and sublimation followed by desorption technique
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