Synthetic Development

  • State-of-the-art R & D facility with competent, experienced and qualified scientists. (MSc, Ph.D. Post Doc)

  • Demonstrated process understanding capabilities along with process safety and scaleup knowledge.

  • Superbly equipped facility : Radley reactors ( 1,3,5 L), Chillers, Hydrogenators( SS, Hastealloy) , Easy Max Parallel reactors

  • Capabilities to perform wide range of general & niche chemistries : Solution phase peptide, HPAPI, Flow chemistry with PAT , Flash & Prep chromatography purification, solid state chemistry

Synthetic Development R&D Services

Contract Development
  • FTE’s handled for various customers across the globe

  • POC, Process development in a Regulatory compliant area using DOE

Custom synthesis
  • Offering services from mg to metric ton scale

  • We cover the entire life cycle of a new chemical entity at all scales, from pre-clinical and clinical phases

Contract manufacturing
  • Pilot campaigns for Clinical supply for Phase I, II & III trials

Key Technologies

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